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RBSK team to find 44 diseases among children

Teams of the National Child Health Program (RBSK) will now look for symptoms of six new diseases including tuberculosis and leprosy among children. With this, the team will now screen 44 types of diseases and treat children. On this, 38 medical teams of the district were trained on Saturday.
RBSK has 38 teams in 19 blocks of the district. The RBSK team consists of two doctors, a staff nurse and a paramedical staff visiting a school or anganwadi center daily to check the health of the children present there. The teams screen 38 diseases in students at Anganwadi centers and government schools. These teams treat sick children. In the year 2018-2019, 58,128 from 6 weeks to three years, 1,08,445 from 3 years to 6 years and 2,16,389 children from 6 years to 18 years were screened under the scheme. Out of these 147 children underwent different types of surgeries. The regime has added six new diseases to RBSK's screening list. These include TB, leprosy, sewer stunting, vitamin B complex deficiency, microsyphili and macrosyphili.
Screening for these diseases
Neural tube defect, Down syndrome, cleft leaf and palate (cleft lip and palate), club foot (crooked leg), developmental dysplasia of hip, congenital contract (congenital cataract), congenital deafness (congenital deafness), congenital heart disease, Retinopathy of prematurity, anemia, vitamin A deficiency, rickets, extreme malnutrition, goitre, skin disease, otitis media (runny ear), rheumatic heart disease, reactive blood They are, Dental Condition, Conversion Disorder, Vision Impairment (Eye Problems), Hearing Impairment (Ear Problems), Neuromotor Impairment, Motor Delay, Congestive Delay, Speech and Language Delay, Vibharian Disorder, Learning Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorders, Growing Up Concerns, Substance Abuse, Feel Depressed, Menstruation Delays, Adolescent Menstruation Irritation Shab, pain during menstruation, to identify other diseases Watering and children and adolescents are treated.
Training given to RBSK team
On Saturday, health department doctors informed the RBSK team about six diseases. The training program was chaired by CMO Dr. Shrikant Tiwari. During this time, Additional Chief Medical Officer Dr. Nand Kumar, District Leprosy Officer Dr. AK Prasad, Dr. Bhola Gupta and M.O. Asif, Deputy District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. Virat Swaroop, Dr. Sunil, Dharamvir Pratap Singh and AN Mishra from District Tuberculosis Department trained the RBSK team. We at VDAI BIOSEC PVT LTD are also working on the UP RBSK project and putting our efforts for the same.
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