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What We do

A product driven Machine Learning/AI focused IIT Kanpur incubated startup having successfully implemented solutions impacting 30%+ population of U.P. Have strong Android and Python/PHP development team for industry automation having existing IT infrastructure or first time adapters

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Our Features

Kanpur Needs

Your requirements matters a lot to us. So, here we are to ease your life.

We feel joyous to see our customers happy and comfortable.

Kanpur needs home

Service at your doorstep

Our Kanpur Needs app helps users to get desired service whenever required by them.

We hire persons who are well skilled and trained to serve our customers. Our professionals are ready for you 24x7.

Services like:

  1. Maid.
  2. Plumber.
  3. Electrician.
  4. Carpenter. etc.
are provided by kanpur needs.

Kanpur needs menu

Choose what you need

There are many categories for you. You can choose any of them and our servicemen will reach to you in time.

Whole information will be given to you of your ordered service so that there will not be any ambiguity. We will contact you as and when any order is placed from your side.

Our other works

Key Implementation in Public Sector having projected direct impact on 5crore+ citizens in state of Uttar Pradesh.

Government sector is becoming digital day by day and we feel proud that we got this opportunity of making it more digital. Some of our projects running in government sector are as follows-

Basic Education Solution

This area covers child education and teacher attendance for better future and maintaining transparency among school and guardians.

Health Department

Health and consciousness is important and this is why we are focussed towards it and have our app working in state level.

School Inspection and tracking

This area covers food and clothing conditions of students and schools. Inspection is done by teams which go to different schools on daily basis.

Tax Collection

This is the responsibility of every individual to pay tax for the services used by them and our app and website is making it easy for individuals.

About Us

Incorporated in Year 2017, VDAI BioSec Pvt Ltd as requirement of IIT Kanpur incubation, provides solutions for Human Capital Management and has implemented multiple successful interventions in key departments in past 2.5 years. The promoters are ex-government employees and IT professionals. The company is virtually incubated with SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre, IIT Kanpur. And is the only successful organization using artificial intelligence with image recognition. We offer maximum customer satisfaction along with result-oriented solutions with our futuristic services.

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Have feedback, suggestion, or any thought about our app? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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117/H-2/136,Pandu Nagar,
Kanpur,Uttar Pradesh,

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  +91 9936785057