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The vast knowledge we have accumulated since 2017 is now applied to current projects. For more details of projects completed by our team, feel free to contact us contact us

UP Rbsk Health Software

A health monitoring solution for more than 5 crore kids across the state of U.P. across all the 75 districts

Disease Diagnosis

An Artificial Intelligence based solution to identify through computer vision algortihms , 42 diseases through external analysis

Auraiya Clean Initiative

A Monitoring solution for cleaniness workers across all the blocks of District Auraiya

Auraiya Complain

An Integrated Grievance Meachanism Solution for District Auraiya

Ayodhya Gaushala Tracking

A Monitoring Solution using analytics for tracking Gaushala across district

Ayodhya MIS

A monitoring Solution for progress monitoring of construction work less than 2 million

Ayodhya NRC

A monitoring solution for tracking malnourished childrens in the district and ensuring that timely treatment is provided

Ayodhya Tracker

A solution to track high cost construction solution in the district ensuring physical, financial and quality progress of the project

Basic Education

A solution for monitoring quality of basic education teaching implementation in the district

Basic Scheme

A solution for tracking the progress of various schemes in the district for the benfit of the masses

Bhinga Shravasti Tax Collection

A solution for tax collection across the urban local body

Jalaun Bhumi Shanrakshan

A monitoring solution for ensuring that the rural works in pond repair and construction are monitored effectively and their quality construction ensured

Bulandshahar Sms Attendance

An attendance monitoring solution for all the teachers in the district so, that attendance is ensured

Chiltrakoot Disaster IRS

System is based on reporting disaster incidence which will minimize the level of hazard and loss and fixing the accountability of stakeholders or responsible bodies of that disaster. This system digitized the district map which is useful in monitoring and tracking of the incidence.

Dhanyottama Farmer

A solution for providing organic farm products to the retail consumers eliminating the middle man nad ensuring quality output

Dhanyottama Grocery

A solution for providing organic farm products to the retail consumers eliminating the middle man nad ensuring quality output


A solution for providing for providing work force/man power as per the specility needed to the citizens in KNN

Disaster Management Information System

A solution for disaster management response and information collection so, that further solutions could be build upon on to it

KNN Stock Book

A solution for inventory management for Kanpur Nagar Nigam

Kanpur Nagar Nigam Jalkal Tax Bridge

A monitoring solution for integration of Jalkal and House tax of the propertires in the kanpur Muncipal Corporation

Kanpur Nagar Nigam Legal Department

A legal cases tracking and Monitoring solution for ensuring all the legal cases ere effectively managed and implemented

Grievance Solutions, Pithoragarh

For the hill State Uttarakhand

Shravasti Disaster IRS

System is based on reporting disaster incidence which will minimize the level of hazard and loss and fixing the accountability of stakeholders or responsible bodies of that disaster. This system digitized the district map which is useful in monitoring and tracking of the incidence.

Siddharth Nagar Health Department, Human Capital Analysis

A solution for Aspirational Districts to effectively monitor its health department workforce rationalization and location finding

Siddharth Nagar Road Map

A monitoring solution for tracking roads builds and maintained by different departments in the district

Skill Mapping

A solution for migrant labors employment tracking so, that they could be allocated/contacted to industries requiring manpower


A Telemedicine Consultation solution for the hilly state of uttarkhand to reach out and contact patients to Medical Staff through Telecommunication technology


A solution for migrants return and quarantine tracking

सूद लॉगिन पोर्टल

A solution for Health schemes effectiveness tracking in the districts of hill state

Sohagi Barwa WildLife Sanctuary

A booking and information platform for Sohagi Barwa Wild life Sanctuary Maharajganj.


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Software Development Services for Public Sector

We had incubated with IIT Kanpur for developing custom solutions for government department. Experienced in Government Applications and Seamless Security and Standards Compliance VDAI BioSec is located in Uttar Pradesh, India and has a long and rich history in providing government IT solutions and in working with the government and public sector. Our team has worked with the Government in states of Uttar Prdesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

Vdai Biosec provides customized software solutions for government, and we have developed Health Consultation, Disease Diagnosis, Legal Petition systems, UP Rbsk Health Software, Auraiya Clean Initiative, Auraiya Complain, Ayodhya Gaushala Tracking, Ayodhya MIS, Ayodhya NRC, Ayodhya Tracker, Basic Education, Basic Scheme, Bhinga Shravasti Tax Collection, Jalaun Bhumi Shanrakshan, Bulandshahar Sms Attendance, Chiltrakoot Disaster IRS, Dhanyottama Farmer, Dhanyottama Grocery, Kanpurneeds, Disaster Management Information System, KNN Stock Book, Kanpur Nagar Nigam Jalkal Tax Bridge, Kanpur Nagar Nigam Legal Department, Grievance Solutions, Pithoragarh, Shravasti Disaster IRS, Siddharth Nagar Health Department, Human Capital Analysis, Siddharth Nagar Road Map, Skill Mapping, Telemedicine, Trace4Security, सूद पोर्टल etc.

Our team is dedicated to providing timely, excellent business software services and to meeting and satisfying the crucial standards compliance and security regulations and guidelines for government agencies and enterprises and our experience and skill in this domain ensures a worry-free environment and a dedicated approach to government and public sector software services.

Our services and solutions can benefit clients all over the world and our focus on government and public sector software services can play an integral role in the success of Indian government and public sector enterprises. Our success is a true example of the success of the Make in India initiative and Start Up Incubation Program of the Government of India!

Our team has worked extensively with majority of State Governments across India on projects that include Health Deaprtment Monitoring Disease Diagnosis, Revenue Collection and Taxation Analytics, ERP, project monitoring and control system, Funds approval systems, custom applications and analytics and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards and solutions.

Our services and skills include application security and standards compliance for industry and government requirements including GIGW and Cert-IN for Government of India standards compliance.

In short, our government and public sector experience is broad and deep with experience around the world and in India. Our security and standards compliance services are second to none, and we provide dependable support and maintenance services backed by years of experience in delivering custom turn in projects.

About Us

Incorporated in Year 2017, VDAI BioSec Pvt Ltd as requirement of IIT Kanpur incubation, provides solutions for Human Capital Management and has implemented multiple successful interventions in key departments in past 3.5 years. The promoters are ex-government employees and IT professionals. The company is virtually incubated with SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre, IIT Kanpur. And is the only successful organization using artificial intelligence with image recognition. We offer maximum customer satisfaction along with result-oriented solutions with our futuristic services.




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