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11.Vitamin A deficiency (Bitot spot)

SONBHADRA : UP RBSK team of doctors cured suman , Child of 11.0.0 age. Child was suffering with 11.Vitamin A deficiency (Bitot spot) disease from birth and now treatment is going on under the supervision of UP RBSK doctors. Now suman will be able to continue as a normal child and family members are very happy as they got this all help from government in free of cost.

What is 11.Vitamin A deficiency (Bitot spot)

Bitot's spots are the buildup of keratin located superficially in the conjunctiva of human's eyes. They can be oval, triangular or irregular in shape. The spots are a sign of vitamin A deficiency and associated with drying of the cornea.

Vitamin A helps in development of visual function of the eye. It also helps in building up immunity in the body. Its deficiency can cause Night blindness, which may further progress to Bitot's spot. If untreated, night blindness can lead to permanent blindness. Clinical prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency is less than 1% in India but biochemical prevalence is quite high. Prevalence of Bitot's spot is around 0.6 - 0.7% in children.