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AGRA : UP RBSK team of doctors cured shalini , Child of 0.11. age. Child was suffering with 13(A).SAM disease from birth and now treatment is going on under the supervision of UP RBSK doctors. Now shalini will be able to continue as a normal child and family members are very happy as they got this all help from government in free of cost.

What is 13(A).SAM

Malnutrition commonly represents under-nutrition resulting from inadequate consumption, poor absorption or excessive loss of nutrients. The term can also be used to refer to over-nutrition resulting from excessive intake of specific nutrients. A child will experience malnutrition if the child does not consume the appropriate amount or quality of nutrients, comprising a healthy diet over a period of time. Types of malnutrition
  1. Underweight-Low weight for age (Composite indicator: measure of acute and chronic malnutrition)
  2. Stunting-Low height for age (indicator of chronic malnutrition)
  3. Wasting-Low weight for height (indicator of acute malnutrition) - age independent (6-59 month)