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Smile will come on Radhika-Aryan's face

Satna. Aryan was born eight months ago. There was a happy atmosphere in the family then. However, when the nursing staff brought the newborn out, the happiness disappeared from the relatives' faces. Aryan was a victim of congenital malformation. Was born by merging from the mother's womb itself. His lips were clenched. Because of this Aryan cannot find love like other children. The parents are shocked to see this situation of the son. Aryan is not the only one in the district suffering from this disease. There are such a large number of innocent people. On Thursday, 12 children have been identified for surgery after a health test. After surgery, the innocent victims will be able to smile like other children.

Three months later
Radhika's lips for four months were also clenched. She too is unable to caress like other children due to deformity. The camp was organized on Thursday morning for screening of children suffering from mutilated lips at the district hospital IPP-6. In this, more than 20 innocent reached from all over the district. Of these, 12 children underwent Chihankan surgery. All the innocent people will get surgery in a private hospital in Bhopal after three days.

Mazagwan has the most children
District Early Intervention Manager RBSK Meena Dwivedi said that 20 children had been registered for the camp from all over the district. After screening by pediatrician doctors, 12 children have been identified for surgery. The maximum number of four children arrived from Mazhgawan. Maihar and Rampur came three-three innocent from Baghelan. A large number of people were present in the camp, including pediatrician Dr. Sunil Karkhur, Rakhi Pandey, Dr. Yadavindra, Dr. Devvrit, Dr. Ratna..
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