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Child health program condition, only 69 severely malnourished in a year

The National Child Health Program (RBSK) being run in Gorakhpur seems to be in vain. 38 teams of RBSK have identified only 69 very malnourished innocents in a year. However, the Health Department is calling it a big success.
RBSK is operated for the detection of fatal diseases in innocent children in the district. Under this scheme, 38 teams are operated in 19 blocks of the district. Two teams, paramedical staff, equipment, medicines and vehicles have been found in each team. These teams screened children from one year to five years at Anganwadi centers. Between February 2018 and February 2019, the teams identified 69 very malnourished innocents. These innocent people were admitted to the Treatment Rehabilitation Center (NRC) and treated.
Additional CMO Dr. Nand Kumar informed that the RBSK team is taking the malnourished children from Anganwadi centers to NRC centers. Wherever Anganwadi centers are supported, team members try to provide this facility to malnourished children.
Facilities in NRC-

  • Free nutritious food to the child's mother.
  • Free medicines, milk, food and food to the child.
  • All types of examination and treatment of the child.
  • Pediatrician conducts routine examination of the child.