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Now RBSK team will also provide vaccination

The National Child Health Program (RBSK) team will now provide vaccination to the children studying there along with visits to schools and Anganwadi centers. An additional ANM will be deployed with the team. This step has been taken by the government to protect 100 percent children.
In a letter sent to the CMO by the Director General Family Welfare Uttar Pradesh, it has been said that the achievement of DPT (5 years), TT (10 and 16 years) is very low relative to the target. This step has been taken from the governance level to achieve this goal.
The letter states that the ANM will be fitted with the vaccine and other materials along with the RBSK team. During the ANM visit, it will ensure that no child is missed by TD (tetanus-diphtheria) vaccination. Two blocks of RBSK are deployed in each block. The team works under his leadership. The team visits the schools and checks the health of the children.
With the aim of getting 100 per cent children vaccinated, an action plan is being made to deploy ANM with the RBSK team. Along with this, the concerned ANM will also visit schools in their area and ensure vaccination.