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Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar Jungle Safari, Maharajganj

FAQ's on visit to Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar, Mahrajganj, Uttar Pradesh

1. Where is Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar located?

Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar is located in Maharajganj District, Uttar Pradesh. Indo Nepal border is in the North side of Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar and it shares interstate border with Bihar in the East.

2. How do I reach Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar for Jungle Safari?

Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar is 65 km. from Gorakhpur Airport and 85 km. from Kushinagar Inter National Airport and about 350 Km. from Lucknow international airport. It is 56 Km. from Gorakhpur Railway station, 22 Km. from Pharenda, 35 Km. from Siswa Railway Stations.

There are two circuits for Jungle Safari as follows-

Chowk (entry)- Kushmahava -24 Van Tangiya -Tramway Chauraha -Madhwalia.

Bargadwa main road (entry)- Ganeshpur -Deibhar -Singrahana Taal

3. Are Mobile/Cell Phones allowed during Jungle Safari excursions?

Permits for Mobile/cell phones are issued for a specific area. Except photography, any other use of mobile phones is prohibited during Jungle Safari.

4. Can I visit all the tourism zones with one entry Permit?
No, Permits are issued for a specific round. The safari is permitted for only the round booked for.

5. How can I book permit and reschedule/cancel my permit for the safari?
Permits for park safari can be booked in advance. Provisions for rescheduling and cancellation of park entry permits are available at the DFO Office, Maharajganj

6. Is there any provision for Add-Ons?
An Add-on is only possible under following circumstances:
The total number of members of a party should not exceed six.
The leader of the party should agree to the adding-on.
The original permit must have at least two persons to avail of this facility. Each Add-on, irrespective of the number of persons, shall be charged an additional normal entry fee of a particular area. Adding-on shall only be allowed once.
The presence of the group leader of the original permit holder is a must in the Add-on arrangements.

7. How many vehicles are allowed in Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar?
Only 4 vehicles are permitted to enter Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar for Jungle Safari in both Circuits per day including the morning and afternoon drives.

8. How many safaris can be made in Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar in a day?
Four safaris, two in the morning from 06:00 hrs to 09:00 hrs and the other during the afternoon from 15:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs can be made in a day in circuit-1 and circuit-2.

9. How much are the permit costs (Entry fee, vehicle rent and guide charge) and what are the rules for safari in core and buffer area?
The safari rates are as follows:

S. No.     Round by Gypsy     Single seat booking     Full Vehicle Booking     Guide Charge     Total
1. Circuit 1 200.00 1200.00 360.00 1560.00
2. Circuit 2 200.00 1200.00 360.00 1560.00

Note:- Maximum Six persons are allowed in one vehicle for safari.
  • The mentioned rates are applicable only when the tourist enters the park in a vehicle registered with Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar.
  • Registered Gypsies are allowed to enter into the Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar for the safari

10. What activities are prohibited in Sohagibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar for Jungle Safari
Tourist during their stay and wildlife viewing will be bound by Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and the rules therein and also by the restrictions imposed by the Supreme Court and High Court.

  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks and meat is not allowed during stays in forest rest houses.
  • Use of Tape, Loud music is restricted during stays in rest houses and wildlife viewing.
  • Littering (Throwing away) of plastic waste like water bottles, plastic pouches, polythene packets, eatables and other wastes is not allowed.
  • Tourist will be bound to follow the instructions of the guide, forest staff.

The compliance of these rules is compulsory. Non compliance will result in cancellation of entry permission and the person will be penalized as per law.

11. Any exemption for the children in safari?
Children up to 5 years old are exempted from entry fee.

12. What is the advisable dress-code during a safari?
Visitors are advised to wear clothes of the colours that can blend with the colours of the jungle (e.g. green, black, etc.), while avoiding any bright colours (e.g white, orange, yellow, etc.). Wearing strong perfumes during the safari is also discouraged. It is also advised to wear clothes in accordance to the current weather.

13. What are the fees for camping and watchtowers?

Activity Entry Fees     Guide Fees     Porter Fees    
Camping (two days, one night)     200.00 560.00 400.00
Watchtover 600.00 480.00 400.00

14. Do the Forest Rest Houses have Canteen facility?
Yes, Forest Rest Houses have-canteen facilities to cater to the needs of the visitors.

15. How to make the cancellation of booked permits?

Permits booked can be cancelled at the counters near the Gate as per the Cancellation Rules.
a. From Date of permit 60 days or before entry/Safari date, complete amount of Permit will be refunded after deducting portal charge.
b. Cancellation of Permit between 30 days To 59 days prior Safari date Cancellation charges deducted on the Permit after deducting portal charges will be 25% of Permit value..
c. Cancellation of permit between 15 days to 29 days prior Safari date Cancellation charges deducted on the Permit after deducting portal charges will be 50% of Permit value.
d. Cancellation of permit Between 05 days To 14 days .Cancellation charges deducted on the Permit after deducting portal charges will be 75% of Permit value.
e. No Refund will be given for cancellation of permit between 5 days or less days prior to entry.

16. What are the Rules for obtaining permission for Filming/Photography from Gypsies?
The DFO, Maharajganj on payment of fees as mentioned below can give permission for Filming/Photography:

Duration     Indian Educational/Research Institutes. Departments & Institutes of Govt. of India and State Govt. of U.P.     Other     Remarks    
One Time Payment     Rs. 100.00     Rs. 500.00     Per Cameraman per day

17. Is there any fee chargeable for still cameras/ video cameras during fixed rounds?
Visitors are permitted to use their still video/cameras free of cost during fixed rounds.

18. How to avail concession for school students/trainees/trainers and support staff?
1. Authorized study tours of students belonging to recognized educational institutions shall be charged 50% of the entry fee if prior information is given for such authorized study tours.
2. This facility shall be allowed to an institution only once a year and shall be limited to only one visit.
3. The head of the recognized educational institute needs to write a letter to this effect giving the names of all the students and teachers/faculties accompanying them on the safari.

19. What are the provisions for citizens of Nepal?
The citizens of Nepal shall be treated at par with Indian citizens with regard to the determination of fees.

20. Where do I get more information on Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar?
For more information please log on to Sohgibarwa Vanya Jeev Vihar official website and DFO Office, Maharajganj.

21. What are the mandatory documents that I need to carry during the safari?
All the visitors are required to produce the entry permit and any one of the identity cards Adhar Card, Voter 1D, Driving License, PAN Card, Govt. Employee Card, Passport and Student ID) on demand by the Park Officials for verification at the entry point.

22. What if a permit holder turns up late at the entry gate?
The permit is valid till one hour after the scheduled entry time. After one hour permits will be deemed to be cancelled.

23. What are the precautions I need to take for my safety while in the Park?
a. Visitors are allowed to move on open vehicles in the Park.
b. One should, refrain, from teasing or. even, feeding wild animals.
c. Getting off the vehicle and moving on foot is strictly prohibited.
d. First-aid box is a mandatory kit in all the vehicles.
e. Winter garments are advised during the months of November - February.
f. It is always advisable to follow the instructions of the Guide and adhere to the do's and don'ts.
g. Sitting firmly on the seat confined to the vehicle
h. Avoid touching of plants, eating of leaves and fruits, drinking water from the flowing streams
i. Wearing of boots and trousers in the nature trail are always advisable.

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